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Our mission

  • Create a streamlined healthtech solution that uniquely matches the needs of the healthcare provider.
  • Spend less time on medical documentation and reduce provider workload. Modernise patient care by introducing smarter technology.
  • Transform operational efficiency of healthcare clinics. Increase quality of patient care and provider well-being.

Healthcare providers spend up to 70% of their time with computer screens not patients. This leads to decreased quality of patient care, stress and burnout. Our experience is that flawed EHR systems are at fault.

The Leviosa story

Our founder, David, was excited to serve patients in the emergency department after having spent a decade specialising in the field.

As it turned out he was seeing computers more than sick people, hammering the keyboard and excercising mouse-clicks to sign off notes and registration forms.

Having extensive programming experience he realised he would save more lives by improving the interface clinicians spend most of their time with - the documentation module.

The Leviosa story

With Leviosa you reduce documentation time, eliminate overhead work and enhance patient care. Our use of smart technology such as templates, dynamic forms, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and augmentation boosts any clinical environment, even if running on paper! Our solution outperforms competitors because of unique domain knowledge. Leviosa is developed by users for users.

About Us

Leviosa was founded 2019 after several years of exploring the idea. David is an emergency physician, experienced in quality improvement work through clinical tools such as EHR software. Matthias is a financially driven data enthusiast with experience in project management.

The team also consists of computer scientists, a lawyer, clinical beta testers, board of directors and advisory team - plenty of expertise to execute the idea.

About Us

Latest blogs

Davíð Þórisson
Davíð Þórisson
26. June 2020 - 10:12

We are LIVE!

We are finally LIVE again!! We plan on adding a lot of more useful information about our mission, product, journey, team and basically everything over the coming months. Make sure to also sign up to our newsletter and we will let you know when we have something new to share. Looking forward to sharing our journey with you all.

Matthías Leifsson
Matthías Leifsson
25. June 2020 - 12:36

Startup Reykjavik - The Investor Day

Last August (2019), we presented our company to a panel and full room of investors. We managed to get the panel extremely interested and therefore asking some very demanding questions. For example; how do we plan to implement the solution and are we looking into other sectors as well. Overall we are quite happy with day, we had a lot of interest and made some contacts which have proven quite useful over the last months. It is amazing how much can be accomplished in just 10 weeks and we are extremely grateful for Startup Reykjavik. We would recommend all entrepreneurs to go through an accelerator. And keep in mind that it doesn't matter if you only have an idea in mind and just starting out or if you are an experienced entrepreneur with an MVP ready.. the accelerator will connect you to the right resources and boost your idea/product to the next level. Here you can see our presentation from the investor day but keep in mind that the solution has changed name since last summer.

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